Lisa Mendelsberg

I have always loved animals and even remember as a young kid I worried if I saw a dog or cat out on their own.  I thought every animal had an owner that loved them as much as I loved my pets. I remember visiting shelters and wanting to take them all home.  Little did I know then that as my 50th birthday approached, I would be co-founding a 501(c)(3) public charity that would be devoted to saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats.

I am a Penn State Business graduate, have my CPA license which is inactive now, and made a career for over 35 years trading IPO (Initial Public Offering) and secondary stock offerings.   However, it was the great people that shared our vision, volunteered for our organization, and backed us financially that helped earn C.A.R.E. the reputation it has carried for so many years. To be successful, you have to be a TEAM PLAYER. Our long term success is clearly a result of great partnerships with shelters, rescues, sanctuaries, veterinarians and our loyal donor and grantor base.

Last, I want to thank my family and friends for all their support for so long.  They realize how important this volunteer job is to me. They realize I want C.A.R.E. to continue to make a difference in the rescue world. They realize I will never stop being a voice for the animals.



C.A.R.E. at 5276 S. Hanover Way, Englewood, CO 80111



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