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A little history…. I am Lisa Mendelsberg and co-founded C.A.R.E. in 2007 with Linda Fox. We met at a holiday party for Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue back in 2005. Linda was running the rescue’s transport program and I started to drive with her regularly to Kansas to pick up dogs coming to Colorado for placement.  After thousands and thousands of miles on the road together, we decided to form C.A.R.E., an animal transport service that would move all breeds of dogs and cats from places where they were not wanted to Colorado rescue groups, shelters and forever adopters.

Over the years, while our transport program grew exponentially and was the model for new transport groups to form, we started other programs to save animal lives.  Jake’s Fund was created in 2008 to address veterinary issues and we began funding and organizing spay and neuter clinics in 2009. In December 2017, Linda retired from C.A.R.E. and Hope For Paws Colorado took over our route to save the Midwest animals.  

In C.A.R.E.’s infancy, our transports were thought of as being part of an “underground railroad” to save animal lives.  Now, there are many transport groups (on the highways and in the air) moving animals to places where they will get another chance at finding a great family.  Our original mission of transporting animals to safety is still a top priority, except we are no longer driving the vans – we are just filling gas tanks of other transporters!!  In 2018, we funded the freedom ride for over 3,400 passengers and through May of 2019, almost 1,500 wonderful dogs and cats have had their seat paid for by C.A.R.E.

Our mission allows us to pursue opportunities where we see a need to improve animal welfare and save lives.  We understand and appreciate the mutually dynamic and beneficial relationship between people and their pets, commonly called the Human-Animal Bond.  Thank you for generously supporting our work to save our wonderful 4-legged friends.