C.A.R.E. was originally formed as an animal transport service, saving lives by moving terrific dogs and cats from places where they were not wanted to areas where they could find new forever families.  From June 2007 through August 2016, C.A.R.E. performed multiple transports each week moving animals from the Midwest states to Colorado rescue groups, shelters and adopters.

In August 2016, we transferred these transports to a new group called Hope For Paws Colorado. Since then, C.A.R.E.  funds the freedom rides of many transport groups nationally as well as many stray and relinquished animals from tribal communities.

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Jake’s Fund

Started in October 2008, assists shelter and rescue pets with veterinary care.  Our donations are for routine to specialized critical care – all with the hope of getting the animal ready for adoption or placed in a hospice / sanctuary environment.

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Spay and neuter

These programs are designed to target key areas with high pet over-population such as in Native American communities and other poor/rural areas without affordable veterinary services.  C.A.R.E. helps with organizing and funding clinics.  Our goal is to not only reduce senseless pet euthanasia in shelters, but to teach the community that they must be accountable for their unwanted animal problems. Spay and neuter is the only proven method to humanely curb pet over- population and it provides so many benefits for the animals, the owners and the community. Last, C.A.R.E. actively supports many Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) programs for feral cats in Colorado and the Midwest states. 

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shelter, rescue & colony cat caregiver donations

C.A.R.E. contributes to poor / rural shelters and animal rescues.  These financial donations assist with operating supplies and veterinary expenses for the animals.  During periods of natural disasters, C.A.R.E. provides donations to move the animals to safety and help with vet care.  Also, C.A.R.E. helps provide cat food and supplies to many feral cat caregivers in multiple states.

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Helping People Keep Their Pets

This program provides assistance when "referred" owners are going through financial or health challenges, and to pet owners who are elderly, living on fixed incomes, or residents in assisted living facilities.

Lastly, C.A.R.E. collects pet food and supply donations and distributes them to places where they are needed, including regular donations to Native American communities.

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